Přidejte si tuto stránku do Oblíbených Laddobar Web - Prompt


Keyboard missing. Press F13 to continue.
OS/2 VirusScan: "Windows find: remove it ? (y,n)".
All viruses found.
Warning: Your monitor is RADIOACTIVE !
Do you speak in Turbo Pascal ?
Insert hamburger in drive B:
Sorry, your system is dirty for me...
Kiss my ... (keyboard) !
Bad command or operator.
Warning: Too many floppies in one drive !
External error: INTELLIGENCE not found !
Critical ERROR: Use hammer.
ATENTION: RAM is Write-Protected !
Shut power down & press any key to continue.
All protective devices failed, call GhostBusters.
ATENTION: High voltage in keyboard !!!
Memory failed. Use paper.
This Hard Drive is write only.
This program is not good. Try another one.
Syntax horror.
File not pound.
Disk is write protectored.
Press ENTER to cry again, ESC to abort.
Formatting C: Press ENTER to proceed or ESC to proceed too.
File exists. Underwrite ?
File is marked as delete-only
Hit any user to continue
Proces husband killed. Windows'95 installed.